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After three years, which went on indefinitely, and the residents and employees of the Sluzewiec district in Warsaw were loosing faith, the long-awaited reconstruction of Marynarska Street, a key area for this area, along with the commission of a overpass has been completed. The area of Sluzewiec, which is administratively part of the Mokotow district, is changing dynamically, wanting to soften its image and colloquially used name – Mordor.

Sluzewiec is the region that has the largest – after the Center of Warsaw – office resources in Poland. Such high density of office buildings affected the fact that the area was perceived for many years mainly as a workplace. Approximately 83,000 people work in companies having their headquarters in Sluzewiec, which are traveling by public transport and by their own means of transport. Transit, therefore, has become a key element that needed to be improved, as traffic jams became an inseparable element of the Sluzewiec landscape.

Recent years have been a period of dynamic change. Considering the fact that Mokotow is the most popular residential district in Warsaw, many developers have decided to develop their projects, among others, in Sluzewiec. The introduction of the utility mix affects the fact that this region does not become empty after 5pm. Along with the development of housing projects, the service and trade sector is also dynamically developing. The variety of retail space offered is a significant convenience for both residents and office workers. Enthusiasts of sports activities can use 11 city bike stations, which are located in key places of Służewiec. After work, you can go shopping, go to the cinema or take advantage of the gastronomic offer of Galeria Mokotow.

Owners of office buildings introduce additional amenities for their tenants to ensure their work comfort. In summer, you can take advantage of the summer cinema, relaxation activities and other seasonal attractions.

The character of Sluzewiec is constantly changing. Combining housing and office functions seems to be a natural direction, assuming the need to revive this area. Public transport in this part of the city is quite well developed. Tram and bus lines and a fairly fast connection to the Wilanowska subway station means that it is willingly chosen by both young people and families with children.