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Recently, biophilia became a fashionable word! Does it have anything to do with office space? Well, it does. Biophilia is a theory according to which living beings need a sense of community with the natural world to function properly. In short, we need contact with nature every day. The assumption is increasingly reflected in the approach to construction. Interior office designers are more and more eager to reach for natural elements. This direction is called the term biophilic design.

Biophilic design can appear in offices in several ways. One of them is, let’s say, nature itself, that is elements of the decor in the form of natural tree trunks, green walls and terraces. Wallpapers with pleasant views such as mountains, forests or the sea or lakes can also be used. Another way to introduce nature to the office is the use of natural materials that affect our senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight as natural materials – stones, wood or aromas.

The research conducted by the Polish Association of Ecological Building and summarized in the report “Healthy, green offices” shows that over half of people think that there are too few plants in their office environment. It is in the workplace that we spend so much time that we need to take care of them more and that is why we want to have more greenery around us during the day, in the office. Hence, among others the ferns are coming back to favors and landing on our desks along with wings that are characterized by a great ability to clean the air in the rooms. They were indicated as one of eighteen “air-filter plants” in a statement created by NASA. Green affects our well-being as well as creativity. So let’s play green in the office!

But, but, greenery in the office? Not only! How pleasant it is to get away from the desk and go outside the building to sit on a warm day on the bench … surrounded by flowers and trees. Possibly a terrace for an afternoon coffee? We value office blocks that allow us to do so. It seems that there is no going back from greenery and there will be more and more of it, because tenants for whom health and well-being of employees are important will emphasize the aspects of biophilic design and look for such offices for rent.

As Knight Frank, we had the pleasure in one of the office complexes managed by us to coordinate the plan of implementing the gardens for the tenants and their employees. How nice it was to look like in mini gardens, with the logos of companies renting offices, the first plants, flowers and then the first crops appeared. Small, but how happy. The feeling that we are doing something together and in the open air – priceless! And to follow. Another of the positive examples are beehives on the roofs of office buildings or city meadows. Do not be afraid of “copying” good patterns in your offices or your workplace environment. It’s about health itself, not about solutions covered by a patent.

Even if we still associate the office building with a glass facade, more and more we can meet more and more herbaceous plants. Although not in every office will we see a reception loaded with plants, it does not mean that there is no place for nature in the depths of the office building. We can always introduce greenery to our office or even … our desk. You can always arrange your office in the spirit of biophilia.

Knight Frank experts will be happy to help you rent an office that meets the HR needs of your company, and advise in its optimal arrangement in accordance with the concept tailored to the specific nature of your work.